23 May 2015

A Grand and Colourful Home

Decorator Suzanne Kasler was inspired by the colourful doors of Paris, when she designed the colour scheme for this grand Connecticut home. Starting with a base of neutrals, Kasler injected pops of intense colour in the home's design, to "create a subliminal rhythm" as you walk through the house. I love seeing the brilliant turquoise dining room framed by a soft ivory space. Such exciting contrasts are created by this approach to colour. I also love the many gold and silver accents throughout the home, which add lots of sparkle and glamour to the spaces. This is one home I won't soon forget!

19 May 2015

Stripes Forever

I will forever love stripes. They're boldly beautiful, endlessly varied. Wide, thin, vertical, horizontal, symmetrical, asymmetrical... I love them all, especially black and white stripes with a pop of colour, like pretty pink peonies. Perfection.

 Oscar de la Renta

 Carolina Herrera 2015

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