09 February 2015

Oh-So-Pretty Bedrooms

Just in time for Valentine's Day... I thought you might enjoy seeing some beautiful, romantic bedrooms. Of course, I love seeing pretty bedrooms every day, but that's just me (die-hard romantic and girly girl that I am!).

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31 January 2015

Feeling Fancy

I'm in a fanciful mood this evening, after having seen the gorgeous Fashion Icons exhibition, this afternoon, at the Art Gallery of South Australia. The show presented a fascinating timeline of iconic fashions from the 1950's until today. Seeing all those stunning fashions made me miss doing design and art work, and sewing. It also made me wish I had a much more fabulous wardrobe! At least I can always swoon over images of beautiful fashions, like these.

Lauren Bush in John Galliano for Christian Dior SS 1997, at the Hotel Crillon, 2000

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24 January 2015


I clearly remember seeing these iconic fashion photos back in the early-mid 1990s. These images really take me back to a moment in my life when fashion was starting to become a great love of mine. I can almost hear Madonna's "Express Yourself" playing in the background... 
Oh, the 1990s... When are they coming back into fashion?

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